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100% Whole Wheat Artisan (800g)

100% Whole Wheat Artisan (800g)

Rs. 300

Fifty Artisan (800g)

Fifty Artisan (800g)

Rs. 300

Chocolate Babka (400g)

Chocolate Babka (400g)

Rs. 325

Seedy Artisan (800g)

Seedy Artisan (800g)

Rs. 300


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Get Organic Sourdough Bread Online - Pure Brot
Freshly Baked Organic Sourdough Bread in Mumbai
Order Organic Sourdough Bread at Pure Brot
People say the nicest things

We have a unanimous verdict... are you ready? It was absolutely delicious. Alf and I both agree its the best bread we have had in Mumbai. The texture we think was spot on. A perfect crust. Not too hard not too chewy. Yes it was very dense but like Alf said, exactly like German bread should be. Alf was seriously in heaven!

- Sam & Alf

The Roselle Jam is amazing! It's so unique and reminiscent of cranberry or lingonberry in sourness, but with floral undertones. I'm hooked!

- Alex

I was positively shocked how good the bread is. The consistency, taste and shape is just like back home in Germany. This is by far the best I've had in the last decades in India!

- Vasanthi

Honey is amazing! Reminds me of the one we're getting at home from a neighbours bee hive. Loved the jam. And I'am a jam maker-so very critical!

- Christina

Just gets better! Your gluten free loaf is simply amazing! Had some guests over the weekend and it was finished like a tea cake! Impossible Foods make incredible bread!

- Tamara

Your Organic Loaf is totally Supreme !!!!! Its a meal in itself !! Well done!!

- Perses

Just wanted to let you know my daughter just loves your bread. As long as it lasts me I always take 1-2 slices with me as snack when we are out. :)

- Tatjana

It is a piece of home for me! My daughter and husband love it! As soon as the bread is delivered I have to have a slice with butter only. Delicious; what a great alternative to the fluffy toast!

- Steffi

We find the caraway seeds to have an earthiness that blends really well with the crumbly texture of the bread. The amaranth gives the flour a smooth texture flour taste is subtle and the Kala Jeera taste is distinctive when you toast with coconut oil or enjoy with some Delhi style mango pickle! The bread is made with quality ingredients and the lack of preservatives ensure the family is happy!

- Kavita

Your breads are amazing! My daughter loves them (even the amaranth bread) and she can really be picky. ;)

- Katarina

Thank you! After 6 years I found a bread that I can eat and enjoy! I will continue ordering as long as you are making it! :-)

- Gitanoush

Just wanted to tell you that we have been enjoying the bread immensely!! It is delicious, wholesome and very satisfying. In short we are quite addicted to it!! Most importantly, Alina has also started enjoying it!!

- Ruhaina

My grandson has fallen in love with the Roselle Jam

- Asha

Pure Brot's sourdough has made it to our weekly menu and is slowly permeating our daily lives. I usually pair it with a soup, and it makes such a satisfying meal. Great customer support, really saved my last minute dinner plan. Kudos (:

- Nidhi Shah

Me and my family really enjoy eating Pure Brot bread. It is wholesome and yummy at the same time. The honey too is delicious! Well done you guys :)

- Sahar Sikander

Excellent bread. We order from Pure Brot all the time. The best part is it's organic & freshly made. The kids & the adults both unanimously love the sesame & seedy varieties. Fresh, delicious & wholesome. Highly recommended!

- Henna Nathani

We are big fans of the Great White Bread, it tastes fantastic in a variety of preparations. Customer service also very good, I was having trouble placing my order and they clearly layed out an alternate course of action. Do try it :)

- Arnav Jain

We absolutely love Pure Brot bread - it's a staple for our entire family. The Seedy and Sesame ones are our favourite. Keep doing the good work. Natural, organic and healthy bread is much needed!

- Farah Nathani Menzies

The best Babka in the known Universe. Scrumptious dark chocolate combined with sourdough. Brooklyn has been defeated by this hidden jewel of a Bakery next to the Arabian Sea.

- Adil Abdulali

Thank you Pure Brot for keeping up the supply of bread during the lockdown. I love your sesame, seedy and broi.

- Tarun Moizuddin

Oof! The chocolate babka here leaves the bakeries of Manhattan's Lower East Side in the dust. It's moist, delicious, just the right proportion of chocolate and bread, and best of all, divinely dense.

- Sohaila Abdulali

Possibly the purest and most satiating bread you could find in Bombay. Also the fact that it’s healthy and organic makes it all the better. We’ve tried several other “home baked” “imported flour” “pure sourdough” kneads in the city, but truly, nothing compares.

- Sausan Bukhari Govani

The website, delivery and service is excellent. However the real star of the show is the bread. Truly great quality and delicious!

- Fatima Sham

Thank you for supplying your bread at the Nature's Basket near my home. I love your bread, to put it simply. I used to avoid eating bread as all the additives, colour, preservatives to make the bread soft, brown, last long etc would turn me off. Even the 'fancy' one will still have a preservative. It is soothing to see an ingredient list that does not have stuff like.....permitted flavoring agent, permitted colours, permitted preservatives. Your ingredient list? Everything is a food item :) Only thing is that it would be nice to know how much salt is there per serving as we aim to have a low salt diet

- Devikaa Manghnani

Really delicious, very healthy bread with character and flavour! The best I've found in the city after searching and trying out many 'artisan breads'. It really makes all the difference when people do things from the heart and with care, knowledge & respect. They home deliver, but I still wish they would open a bakery around the corner so I can pick up freshly baked bread in the morning!

- Jacqueline de Graaf

Excellent sourdough rye. The family loved it and want more ! Great aroma whilst passing the bakery. Gonna rename Awas Khadi road to Baker St.

- Mike Pancras

At last an exceptionally good loaf of bread in Mumbai! It's such a pleasure to eat bread that tastes as delicious as it looks. The team at Impossible Foods has definitely got it down perfectly. Their breads are a far cry from the designer loaves that have flooded the market in recent years. This should certainly be your"daily bread". Reina

- Dusty Purple

German bread without compromise. A daily small luxury. Perfect toasted slice straight from the freezer.

- Koen Van den Brande

We had our first Emmer bread from Pure Brot last night. I had never heard of that grain. What a surprise! It's one of the best breads I have ever tasted! It's consistent, yet it melts in the mouth, amazing! I had it with butter and fresh mulberries on top (instead of jam), and it tastes like a wholesome dessert! So I had it again for breakfast :) Congratulations on the quality of your product! You are going the extra mile!

- Irma Battig

The best breads. International quality.

- Jaideep Samarth

Tuhl is awesome --just the right punch of Cumin flavour . I toast it lightly and have it with masala tea ---mindblowing

- Ponni Iyer

Once you have to taste it

- Suresh Singh

Excellent bread, have been having the emmer wheat bread.

- Sanjay Nath

Real healthy food artificial contents..100% veg.

- Sujit Goraksha

Absolutely fabulous!!!

- Rustom Irani


- Sahir Hydari


- Mahendar Singh
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