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We bake Real Bread. We bake fresh bread. Great tasting, healthy, organic real breads with No bl**dy junk.

Making your bread real again. No added sugars, no oils,

no preservatives, no added gluten, no emulsifiers.

Flour, water, salt. Done.

Our Story

We baked our first loaf when our daughter was a baby. Our motivation was to give our child simple, pure, wholesome, great tasting food– that motivation remains the same today – to bring you bread which tastes good and feels good. Bread your body loves.

As our daughter has grown so has Pure Brot. What started as a single loaf baked in the small 20 year old kitchen oven for the family table- is now a bakery making great bread for families across Mumbai and beyond.

We’re committed to baking real and wholesome bread for you and your family. We didn’t compromise for our child, and we don’t compromise for you either.

The Loaf Mark

We proudly wear THE LOAF MARK on all our products.

What does this mean?

The loaf mark is awarded to companies that adhere to making bread without processing aids or any other additives. We know this is a rare thing, and we are proud to wear our badge and bring you great breads.

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